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Important: Understand Just Been Paid and JSS Systems!

Just Been Paid.. Parent Program

JSS (Synergy Surf).. wallet for JSS, JSS-Booster, JSS-Warp, JSS-Tripler

JSS-Tripler.. $10 positions that pay 2%/day

JSS-Tripler – How It Works!

1: You join (free here)

2: You add money ($10 minimum)

3: You get paid 2% per day

4: You get paid for 75 days (mature)

5: To earn more compound or add more JSS-Tripler Position -  Costs $10 per position

Mature JSS-Tripler Position pays $15 (150%)

All the above is available to free members!


Upgraded Just Been Paid members ONLY Receive Commissions Below:


All of the above Plus..

Just Been Paid upgrade costs $15/3 months ($5/month)

Every four JSS-Tripler positions (mature) gets a free JSS position that pays $60 when it cycles.

This amounts to $15 per JSS-Tripler position

This is How Your Money is Tripled.

$10 becomes $15 + $15 = $30 (300%)


First Investment: Earn JSS-Tripler referral commissions:

Level 1 = 10%.. Level 2 = 5%

Compounding Investment: Earn JSS-Tripler referral commissions:

Level 1 = 10%.. Level 2 = 5%


JSS positions that cycle on your Level 1 pay the sponsor $5
JSS positions that cycle on your Level 2 pay the sponsor $2.50


Just Been Paid Level 2 upgrade $57 pays the sponsor $28.50 (50%)


JSS-Booster Cycles pay you commissions


Withdraw from your JSS Account!


Get free JSS-Matrix positions during the next Restart!


JSS-Tripler and Just Been Paid..

You do not have to understand it to make an incredible income!

How much Money Should I Put into My JSS-Tripler Account?

You can start by considering two extremes:

  1. Put in only $10 to buy one position. Upgrade in JBP for $10. Sponsor people to earn referral commissions in JSS-Tripler.
  2. Put money in your account. You decide how much. In my case I put $ 500.
  3. Compound some of your earnings, including referral commissions. When you think it’s appropriate, withdraw your original capital to achieve a break-even point.
Depending on how much capital you have available, you can decide how much to put in your account. In general, you shouldn’t put more than 10% of your risk capital into any one program. (Because JSS-Tripler is indefinitely sustainable, and unlikely to suddenly disappear, you could risk more than 10%.)

You could also consider a “go-for-rich” strategy of raising all the money you can from credit cards, etc. and putting it into JSS-Tripler. Then you withdraw most of your earnings to repay the debt, while you use a relatively small percentage of your earnings to buy additional JSS-Tripler positions.

Important: Take advantage of the free JSS positions you’ll get when 4 of your positions mature, i.e. for the most profit, make sure you buy at least 4 positions, and better yet, buy positions in multiples of 4.


Turn $10 into a Fortune!
Easiest and best way to make money online.
Earn 2%  per day -- 60%  per month.
No sponsoring requirements.
Earn 10% referral bonuses on your first level and 5% on your second.
Daily compounding to increase your earnings.
Daily withdrawals to get your money out.
Revolutionary breakthrough makes JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable!



Day 1:
Add Money
Days 2 - 75:
100% Reinvest your daily earnings
Day 76:
Balance now 340% bigger after Day 1 Investment deducted!
Day 76 onwards:
Conservative: Reinvest 70% of daily earnings and cashout the remaining 30%.
Aggressive: Reinvest 80% of daily earnings and cashout the remaining 20%.
RESULT: Ever Increasing Earnings and Daily Cashout Amounts!


1st level= 10% commission earned from every position they buy= $1.00 each, 5.00 for every matrix of theirs that fills
2nd level= 5% commission earned from every position they buy= $0.50 each, 2.50 for every matrix of theirs that fills

Example of Referral Commissions

1st level referral John purchased 16 positions @ $160
John will earn $3.20 daily x 75= $240
Your 10% commissions = $16.00
John will earn for filled matrixes= 16/4 x $60= $240
Matrixes commissions when filled= 16/4 X 5.00= $20.00

2nd level will be the half commissions of 1st level referral


90 DAY PLAN - Recommended (invest money earned and returned in 90 days!):

Day 1: Add Money
Days 2 - 25: Reinvest 100% of your Daily Earnings by buying new JSS-Tripler positions until your Balance is 50% bigger (25 days).
Days 26 Onwards: Whatever the maximum number of JSS-Tripler positions you can buy on Day 25.. then buy that exact same number of positions everyday from then on.
Days 27 Onwards: Cashout excess balance everyday after buying your daily JSS-Tripler positions.

You start with $1,000
25 days later that has grown 50% to $1,500
$1,500 x 2% = $30 per day
Now buy 3 JSS-Tripler positions ($30) from now on everyday without fail and start to cashout the remaining balance everyday when at least $20 or more.. your original invest money will be paid back to you within 90 days
Note: you will be able to buy those 3 JSS-Tripler positions everyday into the future earning you Indefinite Income!

Payment Systems:

AlertPay, SolidTrusPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. You can withdraw a minimum of $20 at any time by submitting a withdrawal request from your JSS account, under "Financial." Note that once the Surf Module has been implemented, you'll need to meet the weekly surf requirements in order to withdraw funds.


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